Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is the target page for adkratsubsr. Now look at the Title, it says Adkratsubsr is Adkratsubsr. The URL will also have the keyword. The H1 will also have the keyword. Now all that I need to ensure is that the homepage doesn't show this and rather have a static page. If that can happen, it will be great.

(The first photo Alt Tag and image name is kept close to Adkratsubsr keyword to get the maximum value)

How to get Adkratsubsr homepage as static

One such a way is to post a blog post that is date very post date like 2015 and make the blog only show one post at a time. Once this is fixed the homepage will not show it as a duplicate content, this will also help me rank the right page in search engine. At times, even for this Adkratsubsr competition, this is important to rank the right page.

What is next with Adkratsubsr?

As mentioned Adkratsubsr is a very cool, we need to now keep getting following things done:

  1. More and more articles on the keyword Adkratsubsr and linking that to the target page.

  2. Making sure that this page has enough content about the Adkratsubsr. This page should be highly optimized for this keyword.

Adkratsubsr is just not a game

Here we are trying to compete with onpage activities, right Google webmaster rules as this will help us gain the ranks in a much better way. There are people doing some link building as well. Since some of the people already got links before we announced the rule, so we can't do anything about it. Thats ok, lets fight for the #1 position using the onpage work alone. Let's rock it now!

This keyword is really cool

I always felt that SEO can be leanrned by doing such an experiment with keywords like Adkratsubsr. Such keywords doesn't have any competition. So we stand a chance where we can make this keyword work by our tricks and tips. Apply all the knowledge here. We have also put some guidelines here:

  • No offpage work for the page

  • You will have get the domain like Adkratsubsr-(Somenumber).blogspot.com as this make the game fair

  • I guess that were the only rules we have so far

You can read some of the articles by Matt Cutts about ranking. This explain the most important things as:
  1. URL structure
  2. Keywords in URL, content and Domain
  3. Links

  4. I don't remember, put a comment and I will share the link for the Adkratsubsr

You can keep writing so that the page is really long and Google can understand this page has a lot of content. Now I am going to check the spelling mistakes before posting.

Need to an image for the keyword Adkratsubsr

That will help us get a lot of value from Image and also we will be able to learn Image optimization. I am going to put 2 images here. Here is my second image that will be going here. Less that 15 mins, my blog is crawled by Google CSE. Here is the image for Adkratsubsr CSE.

Adkratsubsr Google CSE
(After the image always add the keyword Adkratsubsr and some text along with it, if possible CSE, so that we can rank for it too).

I think now my post is really long with some good content on it. Now I will wait that it is crwaled by the main index of Goolge and optimize the hompage for it.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

This is Aji Issac Mathew from Adkratsubsr

I will also be writing about Adkratsubsr, I will be choosing another landing page here. This will not be my landing page, landing page or target page. I created this on 1:20 pm, need to see how fast I can get this indexed for the word Adkratsubsr.